Super Plumber

Let’s welcome the latest puzzle game on our site which puts your problem-solving skills to a challenging test. Here at friv free Games, you play as a plumber. Today is another working day. You have a mission ahead. In the city, a pipeline network was damaged and the situation looks seriously. You have to move to that urban water supply quickly and repair it before it’s too late.

This is a puzzle game as you may know and each level is a puzzle that you have to find the best solution to solve within a limited time. Rotate each pipe segment to connect all pipes and form a complete pipe. You will see the water is rising. let’s complete this job quickly. It’s easy to rotate the pipes but if you don’t notice, you may connect all pipes but nothing happens.

On, you have to observe each pipe segment. In each of them, there is an arrow. You have to look at the direction of the arrow and make sure all pipes are facing to one side. If there is only one pipe segment differs from other ones, the puzzle hasn’t been solved yet and you have to try other solution right away before the time runs out. The puzzles become trickier as you level up.

The later levels are not as easy as the previous ones. However, if you can’t solve any puzzle with the first try, you always can restart that level and try other solutions until you succeed. As other games on our site, this game is fun and full of exciting puzzles. Play and conquer 30 challenging levels to prove that your problem-solving skills are good. Enjoy and check out the following options: Mahjong Firefly and Friend Rescue 

Instruction to play:

Use your left click to rotate the pipes.