Basketball Challenge

Let’s welcome the latest arcade game at friv 4 game. This game is simple, enjoyable and challenging. Basketball Challenge is its name. As its name, you can tell almost everything about it. It puts you to a challenge with basketball. You know that basketball is a sport for the team, right. However, you are the only player in the field. You won’t compete with the opposing team with your members but deal with several basketball challenges.

Each challenge is unique and the game becomes more challenging as you level up. This rule is straightforward. You just need to shoot a ball through a hoop. If you succeed, the new level will be unlocked. Otherwise, you play the current level until you make a basket. On, it’s important to know that the hoop won’t stand still as you see in real life. It constantly moves and changes its position and also height.

Aim and shoot the ball is not easy. You will have to practice a lot. Know how to adjust the strength of the shot is also important. If it’s too strong, the ball will hit the table and bounce off. If it’s too weak, the ball can’t reach the basket. Flick your mouse to shoot the ball is a technique and you may have to try several times to master it. This kind of game is not too hard but not too easy. It suits all ages and genders. After becoming a master of basketball, you should check out the following options to enjoy more in your free time: Tricky Kick and Save The Coal Miner 

Instruction to play:

Use your left mouse to throw the ball.