Egg Helix

Online games vary in gameplay, genre, and control mechanism, difficulty level as well. Some games are complicated and some games are simple. Today, let us introduce to you a simple game that has a simple design and simple gameplay but it’s hard to master. You can’t earn a high score in the first try for sure. At friv 4 school, this game may make you mad and give up before a few tries or arouse your conquering instincts to try more to improve your achievement.

How you would be? Let’s play and find the answer. This game is all about to catch an egg and make sure it goes up each time without falling. You use the rackets to catch it. There are many rackets stuck into a pillar and you just need to rotate this pillar to make the egg bouncing drop right into each racket. Timing is the key to make you succeed. You have to rotate the pillar at the right time to catch the egg.

On, if you take action too late or too soon, the egg will drop and you have to play from the beginning. Besides, you not only have to rotate the pillar at the right time but also just enough. Otherwise, you fail. The egg can drop but it should land in the below rackets instead of falling freely. Also, try to make the egg land in the racket with a diamond to collect it.

Along the way, you also see some rackets with trampolines on them. These trampolines will make the egg fly through several rackets but you need to be ready to catch it. So what is your best score? Is it good? Enjoy your time here and in other games such as Archer Warrior and Funny Rescue Carpenter.

Instruction to play:

Use your left click to rotate the pillar.