Archer Warrior

Archer Warrior is an interesting combination of the horse riding game and the shooting game. Look at its name, you may discover something about it, right? Here at friv play Games, you are an archer warrior and along with your horse, you have to rescue some poor hostages and kill the bad guys. You have to do 2 things in this game. Firstly, ride your horse and make sure it doesn’t crash into obstacles on the way.

Secondly, you have to shoot at the bad guys using your arrows and bow. How can you do that? This is a challenging mission but you can make it. The sign to distinguish hostages and bad guys is color. You are blue and innocent people are blue as well. The bad guys are yellow and red. So don’t shoot at the wrong target.

Ride your horse and move forwards, then when any bad guys appear, you shoot and start aiming and shooting him. If you are too slow, the bad guys will run towards you and hurt you. So take action quickly to give no chance for them to do the bad activities. On, you also have to shoot at the barriers to open the way, shoot at the fences to break them, then you go through.

Otherwise, you get stuck. The yellow guys have no weapons but the red guys just like you. They are archer and they will shoot you as you come close to them. The faster one will be the winner. Shoot at them first and you win. They shoot you first and they win. Don’t let it happened. As you level up, you have to deal with more challenges. Finish each level to earn coins, then you can use coins to buy costumes for your character and unlock new skins for your horse. Have fun and enjoy Funny Rescue Carpenter and Corona Conqueror.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to move and aim, left click to shoot.