Mahjong Firefly

You may be too familiar with the mahjong game and there are many choices of mahjong that you can find and play at friv free Games. Now, let us introduce you to another mahjong game that’s much different from other ones. Mahjong Firely challenges you with several levels in which you have to match the tiles to clear the mission within a limited time. Like other choices of the same genre, your main goal is to remove all tiles on the board by pairs.

However, only free tiles that are not covered by other tiles can be removed. It means there are several layers of tiles and you have to match the tiles with the same pictures, sign, or symbol to eliminate them. They can be in a different layer but they must not be covered by the others. On, as it names, you will have firefly to help you along the way. How would it be when combining mahjong and firefly?

Well, let’s play and discover by yourself. You also have some boosters that help you finish the mission easier but they are just available if you match them. They can make the time freeze, get more time, and do some magic tricks. Just match and find out how can they help you. As the game processes, more tiles appear on a new level.

Of course, you have more time to finish the mission but it’s much harder to find a pair of the same tiles right away because the symbol and picture look quite similar and that makes you feel confused and make a wrong choice. But don’t worry, you won’t be punished. Make the wrong choice and you can keep playing as nothing happened. Discover the magic of fireflies and enjoy other games such as Friend Rescue and Disk King

Instruction to play:

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