Grocery Cashier – Experience a cashier’s work at friv best game

Have you ever experienced the work of a cashier? Is it too hard for you? Don’t worry! Play Grocery Cashier at friv Games and get many wonderful experiences. Click Grocery Cashier!


Do you often go shopping in the supermarket? Do you want to experience as a cashier? Great! Because Grocery Cashier will be a perfect choice for you at friv Games play. You will do the billing and payment for the customer at the cashier counter. Don’t worry because you will not have to calculate yourself, you can calculate on a computer on the screen.


So, you just need to press the button and everything is automatic. You should remember that you must enter the correct numbers to get a perfect result for customers. One more thing at frivGames 2018, many customers will pay at the same time, so you have to operate quickly and accurately to serve customers in the shortest time possible.


Do not let them wait too long because they can become angry in the supermarket. Note that at friv best game, there are many types of credit cards for payment. For each card type, you should carefully read the instructions and follow the instructions on the screen. Don’t miss the chance to experience more with  friv school Games.


Instruction to play:

Controls: You only need to use your mouse on the computer.