Catch The Cat

Catch The Cat is a fun and addictive puzzle game for all ages at friv Games online free. Use your intelligence and observation skills to catch a black cat in Catch The Cat game for free. How many times can you catch this black cat? What are you waiting for? Jump into this game at now! 

HAHA! Have you ever created a trap to catch an animal? This task is easy or not? Join Catch The Cat at friv 4 school and show off your intelligence and talent. This game is quite hard and fun. So, I believe that you will feel fun and excited to play this game with your friends and family. 

In this game, your biggest task is to create a trap to catch a black cat on the screen. This black cat is sitting in the middle of a square with no fences and walls surrounding it. It can flee in any direction on the square. So, you have to create a trap to catch it. How to create a trap? You just put the balls on the sides around the black cat to prevent it from moving. 

However, this task is not easy because this black cat moves very fast and smart. They always find ways to escape your trap. So, you have to observe carefully and create a fixed circle or square to push it inside. 

In addition, you need to make use of the fixed circles to push the black cat into those positions. They will save you time and play to prevent the cat from escaping. This is really an interesting puzzle game at friv for kids Games that can help players develop the many skills needed in life. You can improve your intelligence, observation, and computing power in all cases. 

In particular, you don’t have any time limits or turns. So you just have to calculate carefully to create a perfect trap. Don’t forget to explore more with Secret Island and Switch Dash at Good luck! 

Instruction to play:

You can use the mouse to create a perfect trap to catch a black cat in the game.