Thai Fu 2 - Cold-blooded killer

This game is a dramatic match between talented and professional players across the country. Use your fighting skills and interactivity to defeat opponents by punching, striking or attacking. Don’t depend on any support because you do not have any weapons at all. All you have is hands and bravery.


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To start this exciting game, you can select some models such as Arcade mode, Versus, Training mode, Options or Upgrade. With each model at frivgame, the game will bring you more exciting experiences and different levels of emotions.

Instruction to play:

How to play? Player 1: Use WASD to control, T: Light punch, G: Light kick, Y: Medium punch, H: Medium kick, U: Heavy punch, J: Heavy kick. ------- Player 2: Use arrow keys to control, 4: Light punch, 1: Light kick, 5: Medium punch, 2: Medium kick, 6: Heavy punch, 3: Heavy kick.