Toy Claw

Puzzle games at Friv 2020 consist of a variety of choices, ranging from the classic crosswords, the jigsaws to solving quizzes with tough questions. However, have you taken a look at Toy Claw, our new sub-genre of puzzle game? It's one of the most popular choices these days that the kids are all crazy about. The game is a combination of a simple puzzle game and a chance for you to have fun with the toy machine.

As you progress through levels, the main task remains unchanged. You need to choose the most precise position to drop the claw hand in order to grab the toy underneath. Also, take a look at the scattered golden coins around the machine. The number of coins that you manage to collect will reflect the star rating that you gain after each level.

Therefore, it's best to gather as many coins as possible while maintaining the perfect drop. There are more than 20 levels, each with its own map, settings, and obstacles that you need to overcome. One of the most important task needed in this game at is the ability to find the best angle to launch the bear.

The more precise your angle, the more chances that you will get the items. The players will no longer have to spend too much money to play the toy machine at the supermarket. With a simple click, have fun for free! Don't forget that we have other good games such as Pick A Lock and Traffic Command.


Instruction to play:

Click to drop the claw.