Crazy Birds - Friv Games

Defeat the army of enemy pigs to keep the forest peacefully. Aim and shoot until a single of the bad pig is wiped out in Crazy Birds at Friv 4.


Crazy Birds have the same concept with famous Angry Bird. Bad pigs did something really bad for the forest, then they hide in their wood and stone houses. However, the brave but crazy birds are here to defeat these guys.


How dare the bad pigs mess up with the crazy birds? Whether the houses are wood or stone, it doesn’t matter for those birdies since they crush them all. Get ready to aim, shoot and eliminate all the structures and the bad pigs.

There are 28 levels in total are available. Let’s complete every level with 3 stars. If you are looking for some relevant games, welcome to Friv free game and check out Have a great time!


How to play:  Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

Instruction to play: