Space Speed

You are approaching the galaxy with a high Space Speed. But what is waiting for you ahead? They are tons of obstacles. How to pass through them? It depends on your reaction and finesse. Travel through the galaxy, collect all stars and try to make your journey last as long as you can in Space Speed online at friv play Games. 

You have started a journey to space for years. You always want to discover various planets in the vast universe. This time, you are on the way to a new planet. You approach it with a high speed. However, there are so many obstacles waiting for you.

In Space Speed at friv 4 school, you are going to conquer the space by going through a tunnel made of different shapes. Your goal is to make your journey last as long as possible. Besides, you also have a submission which is to collect all stars along the way.

The control mechanism is easy and simple, but sometimes you may get confused. Hold your mouse tightly and go through the hole in each shape. You imagine that your cursor is your spaceship. You use your mouse to change the position of the cursor and pass through every obstacle.

Remember that you are moving at a high speed. So, you must react quickly. At friv kids Games, whether your path is smooth and your journey is successful or not, all depends on your reaction and finesse. Don’t forget to collect as many stars as you can to unlock the next journey.

Besides, you should stay focused, otherwise, you will easily get distracted and get hit immediately. The game is both entertaining and challenging that will bring you hours of fun and relax. Play with friends and compete to find out who has the best score.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play this game.