Pacman Battle

Pacman Battle at friv at school has come back with more interesting features for players around the world. Control pacman to eat everything in its mouth and win each level in the shortest time in Pacman Battle game online. It sounds every interesting, right? Join Pacman Battle game for free now! 

Welcome to the fun battle in Pacman Battle at friv school Games for kids! Have you ever heard Pacman - a ball with big mouth? HaHa! It looks cute and lovely. However, its biggest dream was to eat everything it saw on into its huge mouth. Eat! Eat and eat? Ready to conquer this game right away! With simple graphics but the attractive gameplay, I believe that this game will bring you many wonderful experiences in life. 

The game is divided into 24 attractive levels with many challenges and interesting features for the players. So, you can rest assured that you will not feel bored playing this game. You can choose a level and start now! 

To start playing the game at friv best Games, you only need to use the arrow keys to control your character along the way. Controling your character wisely and carefully to help it eat everything on its way. Here, you have to move in a maze with obstacles. Small round balls will be arranged along the roads with a large number. Your aim is to move and eat them whenever you see them. 

One more thing, you also encounter many other difficulties such as color ghosts that will move constantly and find ways to destroy you. Be careful! Because they will try to push you into the corners and kill you whenever. Kill all of them and become the best player around the world. 

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Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys to control your character in the game.