Doge Cage Escape - Use your intelligence to solve every puzzle

Doge Cage Escape at friv game online is a fascinating puzzle game where you have to use many skills to conquer every level of the game. If you are confident about your intelligence, don’t hesitate to play Doge Cage Escape online games and practice observation skills. Good luck!


If you are a person who loves puzzle games and looking for the differences between the paintings, Doge Cage Escape at friv for free 2018 is sure to be an indispensable choice in your puzzle game list. Why is this game so exciting? Because both the image and the gameplay are incredibly fun and interesting.


In this game, you will have many quests to play and missions will change and merge continuously. Try your best to solve all difficult puzzles and help a cute dog escape the cage. The first task for you is to arrange the pieces to make a perfect picture in the shortest time at friv best game. This task is not easy because you have to change the position of the pieces in a fixed box to the correct position.


You have to look carefully and move the puzzle pieces correctly. The second task for you is to find the clues as required on the screen to pass each level. These keys will be hidden everywhere, even in cabinets, drawers, under carpets, on the sofa or even in the corner. Therefore, you absolutely should not ignore any small position because the key can appear everywhere at game friv online.

Instruction to play:

The last task for you is to find out the differences between the two paintings. These two pictures will be 90% identical, so you need to look carefully and make the correct choices. Are you ready to play Doge Cage Escape at friv at school? Besides, you also can play some other games such as………..


Controls: Use your mouse to interact with the computer.