Traffic Command

Can you show your commanding ability in the middle of the crowded roads in Friv 2019? The traffic lights are the most important tools to guide traffic in big cities. Today, you will be able to learn the daily task of a traffic commander who is in control of these high tech systems. Are you ready to save drivers from chaos in the rush hours? As you are assigned to keep check of the system, you will have to turn on and off the traffic lights at the right moment to allow the traffic to circulate smoothly.

It's crucial to know which lane is allowed to move next, then change the traffic light for that specific one. Don't miss out on any turn because if you forget to change the lights once, the whole system will crash. Cars will collide and there will be traffic accidents, which we don't want. Try your best with all of your focus to maintain the flow of traffic here at Don't be pressured because you will get used to it after a few times.

We also provide a guide for each step so that the beginners and little kids can learn how to play as well! The game will become simple enough when you master the techniques and the pattern. If you notice carefully, you might even figure out the pattern in moving of the intersection. Keep the cars away from chaos and crashing to show your talent as a traffic command, then take a look at some other fun games like Rob Runner and Gold Miner Jack as well! Let's play!


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or tap on the screen to play.