Rob Runner

Is it going to be possible for Rob to collect all these diamonds in the station at Friv online game: Rob Runner? It might take a lot of effort, but with your help, we can conquer all the deadly challenges here! This is one of the running games with simple gameplay but there are tons of cool obstacles for you to explore. Rob wants to steal some diamonds, so you need to assist him in the tasks of breaking in to gather them all.

However, dangerous rotating spikes are scattered all over the places. The moving screen will be another issue. In order to survive for a long time, you need to control the movement of Rob and make him jump up and down at the right timing. Keep up with the side-scrolling screen to continue the game at If you fail to do so, the turn will be over. The moving feature allows Rob to jump when you click once and jump higher when you keep clicking the mouse constantly.

It's crucial to pay attention to the path waiting for you at the front. Other than the spikes, there are chances that more obstacles will show up as you progress through the game. His energy is limited, so don't fall or crash into any blocks. Not only is this a fun endless game but the design is also bright and colorful. If you are looking for a simple yet addictive game, we have plenty of other fun games like Uphill Rush Slide Jump and Hyundai Differences as well!


Instruction to play:

Click on the screen with the left mouse to jump.