World War Zombie

Use your gun to kill everything. What are you still hesitate? Challenge yourself right now into the game World War Zombie at friv 2020 games. Explore the free online games together on your computer and mobile phone without having to pay a penny. You will appear in an extremely dark scene. Your goal is a war with the Zombie. Your opponents are many and they are constantly attacking you. You need to shoot accurately.

If you are smart enough, you have some useful items to help you kill Zombie without wasting bullets. Playing a clever game is the key to becoming the best Zombie killer today. The number of bullets is limited. If the shoot expires then you will not be able to destroy them.

Be careful and focus is an important thing in this game to be able to accurately shoot overcome all the challenges in this game. Kill hundreds of zombies to get to the end of the level. Become a leader in collecting useful items to help you upgrade your weapons. Are you passionate about this type of Zombie fighting game?

Fun to have lots of fun with in the challenge. Enjoy the great things right now in the game World War Zombie at It would be great for you to share this game with your friends. Invite your friends to explore and play games to fight with 100 ferocious zombies. Don't miss the chance to experience adding a few other similar fighting games like Airport Clash 3D and Temple Runner 


Instruction to play:

Use mouse or touch to be able to shoot guns.