Sushi Sensei

Sushi Sensei at Friv online is recommended for any players who join in their free time. Share your play tips to get a high score in the shortest possible time. If time runs out, you will have to stop this game. Wait for the sushi to move in the same row and make a single slash to raise the score through your slash. After the time has ended, take a look at your score and try on the next game.

Players can completely win and overcome all challenges with a simple game. You can miss a lot of sushi. But slash them to make delicious food and stay away from the bombs. Win this simple game and complete the tasks today. Don't forget to use the play tips we've listed for players on this new journey. Share your play and join your favorite

Check lots of new games on different topics for you to explore and choose from. Each player after completing the task, check your play, and relax with the highest rank. Do not forget to complete this game and start new journeys. Each player chooses how to play the game and participates through different periods.

Thousands of interesting games are being discovered by you. If you are confused with your choice, do not hesitate, unlock the missions of the wonderful sushi world in completely new content. Some similar games are updated in your list like Aquarium Farm and Word Link. Get started and get ready to join.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to slash sushi and perfect your game