Rock Paper Scissors - who is the winner?

This game is a fun game that you can play with your friends. Have you ever played rock, paper, scissors in real life? Let's come to online Games friv and try this cool game on your device now!


S, A, B to F is respective the rank of difficulty in the game. What levels are you in? Each level requires specific skills or player's abilities as diverse as accuracy, speed, etc. Your rank will be determined basing on these figures.


One of the attractive elements of the game is its design. By using the eye-catching and bright colors combined with high-quality images, this game surely steals all the gamers' heart, especially the kids at Friv 4.


Here is the way that helps you gain the best points in the game; the game's rule is simple. Rock can defeat scissors; paper can defeat rock and scissors can win paper. Have you got it? In this game, you will turn into an arbitrator and your job is to determine who the winner is.


The game developers have already set 3 buttons supporting for your job at free online Games friv. Press the left button if you think that the left person win the match. Press the right button in the case you think the right person is the winner. And use the draw button if 2 players have the same answer.


Instruction to play:

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