Crazy Day With Daddy - A great experience of fathers

Are you a father in the family and you have to clean up everything? This task is only for women? NO! Join Crazy Day With Daddy at online Games friv and experience a busy day with the chores. I believe that you will have many new emotions and experiences with Crazy Day With Daddy online game!


Crazy Day With Daddy is an interesting story about a small family at FRIV GAME. Imagine that you are a man and your wife is away from home today. The children play and make the house become extremely messy. They throw waste everywhere, paint on the wall, pour water on the carpet and stains everywhere.


Awful! You will have to clean up everything before your wife returns home. There is a lot of work for you to do and experience in the game. This is also a good opportunity to help you have more experience doing housework with FRIV GAME 2018. First, you need to collect all the rubbish in the bin, such as paper, polishing bags, dirty clothes or useless objects on the floor.


Then, you use the cleaning tools to clean the stains on the floor and walls. Don’t forget to put the widgets in the right place and make things cleaner. The second task for you is laundry. You need to collect dirty clothes and sort them before putting them in the washing machine.


Finally, take care of your baby by creating lovely hair styles and matching beautiful outfits. Try your best to care for and make the kids feel happy. After all, your mission will be fulfilled at Friv 4 school . Play more with some related games such as Winter Shopping and Disney College Halloween Ball



Instruction to play:

Controls: Play the game with the mouse in the game.