The Adventure of Finn & Bonnie

How dare they come to the earth and aim to colonize this planet? When Finn and Bonnie still survive, these invaders can't achieve their goal. The Adventure of Finn & Bonnie is an action combined with a strategy game in which you will assist Finn and Bonnie in the battle to eliminate the evil robots. It's not an easy mission but with well-prepared and great teamwork, you can win.

If you love Adventure Time animated TV series, then this game is for you because it features the main characters of the series. At friv for free games, to guard the earth and kick these invaders out of this planet, Finn and Bonnie need to collect as many weapons as possible. In the first level, the game offers you a basic gun and you can take advantage of it to complete some first levels. As you play, you can unlock more weapons and even mix some items to create a new one.

You should always equip yourself before the battle. You don't want to deal with enemies full of equipment with your bare hands, right? The enemies become stronger as you level up, so you also need to improve 4 stats including Health is the damage you can take, Attack indicates the damage you deal, Defense is the damage you block from enemy attacks and Luck is the chance of critical and block attacks.

On, to turn the tide of the battle, you can use some boost items. Advance in the game and you can find something fun to enjoy. Remember to check out other options as enjoyable as this one such as Stick Warrior Action Game and Parthian Warrior 

Instruction to play:

Left click to choose items and shoot.