Speed JetFire

Have fun with this exclusive new game Speed JetFire an entertaining game in Friv 2018 free games. You won't want to miss our high-octane Jet Fire! Survive the enemy onslaught by soaring through the air with your favorite weapons! Dress up in attractive apparel, stock up on supplies, and go on a joyride! Jet Fire will keep you entertained and frustrated for a long time! Shoot your opponent while sprinting and leaping.

You must gather money while avoiding numerous perils to complete each level. This is a great experience that you should try. Run to the end while avoiding the terrible guys. Enthralling game with over 90 levels of difficulty and 90 cards; stunning graphics.

We constantly bring players a lot of games on different topics. What are you waiting for without participating in this special multiplayer game? Your world becomes full of color now. Make a list of new games that can participate in your spare time like Dragons Den.

Instruction to play:

Use the button in-game for mobile and for PC use SPACE to fly and mouse to fire.