Ninja Action

Ninja Action is a great endless runner game in which you play as a ninja and take on an adventure full of obstacles and gold as well. Your mission here is to go as far as you can and get a record score. Experience the game with your friends to have more fun. Enjoy Ninja Action online game at friv 4 game. 

When it comes to ninja, you may think of someone who owns special skills, throws shuriken and beats an army of enemies. However, the ninja image in Ninja Action at friv 4 school is quite different. 

He doesn’t perform the action or defeat bad guys but take part in an enjoyable adventure. This ninja hero has excellent running skills and he can walk in the wall. In this endless runner game, you control a cute ninja and your objective is to go as far as possible. 

You help your character dodge all obstacles and collect coins along the way. One thing you should notice that your ninja is quite vulnerable. He falls down or crashes into barriers easily. You must control him flexibly. Jump at the right moment in order to keep your journey continuing. 

When the ninja falls down or hits the wall, he dies and the game is over. You have to start from the beginning. In addition, the game features some power-ups such as 2x - double your coins, or magnet - collect all the coins. 

As the game processes at friv play Games, the difficulty increases. Ninja runs faster and you will find it hard to control him. Just stay focused and be careful, you will have a great score over time. With interesting and challenging gameplay, cute ninja and nice graphics, this game is a great choice to opt for that suits all ages, even for kids. 

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Instruction to play:

Play the game with your mouse.