Lucky Looter

Test your luck in a game that challenges your dexterity and agility. Lucky Looter takes on the position of a thief. Does it sound interesting? Yes, it’s time to do something naughty. You may know what you are going to do when you see that name, right? Here at friv Games free, your goal is to break into a house on each level and take everything valuable items without being caught by the guard.

You need to take action really quickly and carefully. Try to stuff all items in the room into your magic bag, then rush to your car and escape. You can get in the car whenever you think you have taken enough. However, it’s better to get everything without leaving even a small one. On, the guard will walk around with a torch. So if he sees you, you get caught.

Try to avoid the light and if the guard comes close to you, let’s hide. Apart from having a magic bag that can contain everything, you also have a magic box that covers you whenever you are at high risk. Hide in the box when the guard is nearby and you will be safe. Wait until the guard moves away, you keep stealing.

When the job is done, you can get on your car and escape. Then move to the next mission in the new level. As you level up, the game becomes more challenging. Be ready! And make sure you explore other games in our site such as Alarmy & Monster Family and Cartoon Retro Car Parking 2019.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to move.