Katana Fruits – An awesome fruit cutting game for all ages at friv4

Who is a fan of fruit cutting games? Raise your hand! Because Katana Fruits at friv online Games will be the number one choice for you. Play or regret with Katana Fruits? Katana Fruits game is one of the most successful versions of the fruit cutting games at friv Games. This game will bring players more enjoyable experiences in life.


The game has many attractions that you can get addicted at first sight. The first attraction is the graphic design in the game. With cool images and fun sound, I bet that you will have to replay this game at friv Games play. The second attraction is the gameplay style. This game will require you to have quick response skills and the ability to observe in life.


Use your mouse to cut all fruits which are fired up from the bottom of the screen. Keep your eyes to cut quickly and correctly before fruits fall down on the screen. Especially at friv for school, another special mission for you is that try your best to avoid cutting bombs because you will lose your life in the game. How many fruits can you cut?


All will depend on your cutting skills at friv Games for kids. Adding more attractive choices for you such as Flow Free Online and 10x10! at friv 4.

Instruction to play:

How to play? Cut fruits with your left mouse on the computer.