Shipo IO - Friv 2018

You can find tons of gold in the Pacific Ocean, but it’s also filled with deadly surprises. Can you handle with all of them in Shipo IO at Friv 4?


Shipo IO, an impressive multiplayer game will bring you to the real battleship in the Pacific Ocean. Do you dare to cross over the dread water full of enemy ships and dangers but filled with tons of treasure? It sounds so attractive, isn’t it?


At this friv free game, you must control your own boat move around to collect as many gold coins and treasures as possible so that your boat will be upgraded into bigger and stronger one. Watch out! Other players will try to destroy you by using their cannon. Let’s throw cannon back to them.

One more thing you should notice that the bigger your boat is, the more chances you can survive to rule the Leaderboard. Other interesting .io games are available at Friv 2018, let’s check out  Have fun! Instructions: Use the mouse to navigate your boat, aim and shoot. Press Spacebar to use the anchor.

Instruction to play: