Kunai Throw

Kunai Throw is a shooting game online for free at Friv games. The game is simple, your task is to throw the knife on the wooden planks are spinning fast in front to hit the wood target. The wood is spinning very fast, you need to catch up if you want to hit the target. Much fun!

 A knife is not just a weapon, sometimes we can use it to kill time with Friv 2018. Kunai Throw is such a game. A simple but challenging game where you charge and throw kunai to defend yourself from an eter. In this game we need to throw knives and hit rotating woods. The wood will rotate faster and faster. Try to follow the speed, Each level of game has many hit knives to throw in the queue, touch on http://friv-2018.net/ .

Try and dodge as many as you can by moving your mouse side to side. Play more games such as Knife Hit Online at Friv-2018.net,  We are very thankful for getting your feedback. Rate the games highly. Recommend them to your close friends. Have a good time!

Instruction to play:

Use the your mouse