Lego My City 2 - Build your own lego city

Welcome to Lego My City 2 - a magic world full of lego blocks. At here, you will have a chance to build your own city. Play Lego My City 2 at school friv now!


Lego My City 2 is an addictive game in which you will build your own beautiful city in the magic world. You will experience the awesome 3D graphics environment with many interesting things. In this cool friv Games free, you start by collecting tons of lego blocks in order to build various buildings, departments, and other architectural works.


To get these blocks, you play several minigames in which you will be chasing thieves, exploring volcano areas, extinguishing fires, flying with the helicopter or even driving like crazy through the streets and much more. All serving one purpose is to get as many blocks as possible.


Try your best to level up and enjoy many more wonderful things in one of the best friv Games. Besides, you must notice that every mission has limited time. So, you have to focus on the timer and follow the arrow directions on the screen to finish your missions successfully. During the mission, let’s avoid every obstacle along the way.


Gradually, your city is growing with modern buildings and wonderful architectural works. It sounds really attractive, doesn’t? Why don’t you start to build your dream city now? Don’t forget to enjoy other games at kids friv, such as Flight Simulator Online.


Instruction to play:

Controls: You use the arrow key to move, spacebar to drop things and mouse to select everything.