Sand Worm – Battle of the beast at Frivgame

The battle between a huge beast and the enemy will take place in Sand Worm at Games friv online. Are you ready to challenge your talent in Sand Worm?


I am ready! Sand Worm is a perfect combination of action and puzzle game which millions of players around the world expect and welcome at friv school Games for kids.


This is also a fascinating battle between the giant worm and the human on the ground. In particular, the worm has special abilities such as flying high or digging deep underground. Your main mission is to help this worm destroy all enemies on the ground by using arrow keys on the computer.


There are many enemies who are trying to destroy your worm. Therefore at friv Games online, keep your eyes to control your worm carefully, wisely and kill the enemies at the right time. Be careful because you can be attacked by enemy bullets.


Jump on the ground to destroy the enemy and get down to the ground to avoid their bullets. It sounds very interesting, right? Experience more with some similar games such as Monster Simulator and Freddys Bomb at frivGames 2017.



Instruction to play:

How to play? Use arrow keys to control your worm in the game. Share them with your friends!