Word Link

Why don’t you combine learning and playing? Word Link will help you. This is an amazing word puzzle game in which you can improve your English vocabulary and have fun at the same time. It related to word and letter but it’s not boring at all. Finding a meaningful word after a meaningful word makes you feel like you've just achieved a great accomplishment. At friv Games free, the rule is simple.

You just need to link the letters to form a word that matches the requirement of each level. Each level offers you a certain number of letters and requires you to build a specific number of words. You can make any mistake during the word building process without deduction of points or something like that. The game also has no time limit or any other limit that puts pressure on you.

So play the game the way you want. As you level up, the words that you have to find become more complicated and consists of more letters. For those who are English native speakers, these challenges of this game may be nothing to them but for a non-English speak, this puts you on a test. On https://friv-2018.net/, you can conquer all challenges with the help of hints.

Whenever you have no idea about the word you have to find, just use a hint to discover the word. You have 25 free hints first and you can earn more hints by using coins. Don't overdo hints too much. Think a little bit and try several times and you can discover all the hidden words of this game. Enjoy and don’t forget to play other choices such as Talking Tom Diamond Hunt and Happy Glass Puzzles.

Instruction to play:

Link the letters to form a word by using your mouse.