Short Ride

Short Ride is an action game on Friv 2018 Games extremely special. Your goal in the game is to control the poor guy, helpless guy on 20 different stages full of deadly traps, like spikes, explosive mines, arrows and much more painful stuff, while riding different kinds of vehicles, like bikes or segways. You can break your legs,have an arrow stabbed in your chest or lose an arm, but as long as you keep going there is still hope. Collect all three stars in every level to finish them all with a perfect score. Don’t die and enjoy the Short Ride!
Riding a bicycle without proper precautions can be dangerous as shown in this game Short Ride. Always wear a helmet and other safety gears.

Many very dangerous obstacles will appear in each level. You must avoid them while riding on your bike.

This is one of the fun games that you can absolutely relax in your free time and share with your friends. Players have the opportunity to explore all the paths with their power and movement skills in this game and other new games that are constantly being updated on our website as Pixel Highway or Turbo Drift Each world will open up special things that you can hardly miss. In addition, you can refer to many other games at Enjoy it today!

Instruction to play:

Arrows = move / jump / crawl

Space = hop on vehicle