Baby Hazel Snow White Story - The fairy world of Baby Hazel

The fairy tale is always a sweet and beautiful land where most people want to go. Do you want to discover many interesting experiences in the world of fairy tales of Baby Hazel Snow White Story at friv 4 school? Unlock the next level of Baby Hazel Snow White Story game and discover many exciting experiences now!


Baby Hazel Snow White Story is a sweet and lovely story in the fairytale world at friv 4 game for 2018. The game is divided into different challenges through the levels. Your ultimate goal is to conquer and solve all the levels in the game.


Here, each level is a challenge and a new story. For example, at level 1, Baby Hazel is falling asleep. Suddenly a strong wind blew everything in her room. The room turned into a mess and she needed to rearrange everything on the floor. How to Help Baby Hazel in this interesting game at free friv Games?


All you need is to follow the instructions with the arrow on the screen. Please help her close the window to avoid strong winds, put the book on the bookshelves, vases, and other items to the specified position. After completing this task, you will move on to a new challenge. All the sudden and great things await you at the next levels.



Instruction to play:

With eye-catching graphics, lively sound and vivid images, I believe that this game will satisfy your passion at school friv. How many levels can you enjoy? Everything is available for you at friv for free. There are some other interesting games that you will love to play such as


How to play? Use your left mouse to play the game. Hope that you will have a great time!