Scrap Metal 3 – Freely driving car at friv!

Another option is to head towards the mountains for challenging ride through the difficult terrain and exploring the diversity of the game world. Have fun! Don’t miss any chance to play more exciting games such as at online friv Games. Wish you have a good time!


Controls: Use Arrows /WASD to drive, Space to use handbrake, R to repair, T to slow down time, I to open inventory.


You have tried the 2 previous sequels of Scrap Metal and are waiting for Scrap Metal 3? Now, Scrap Metal 3 is available for you to play at friv free. Sit back and relax!    


Scrap Metal is a popular series of driving games featuring maximum freedom for players. No tasks, no goals to do, just you. Scrap Metal 3 is just coming out with all what we love. Here at friv 4, except classic freedom, you can continue experiencing another huge map.


The terrain still becomes a major challenge for the ride. Interestingly, you can change at your pleasure between 4 different vehicles: Sobaru Enpreza, Nasa Nida, Monster Track and Jeed Veroke. This means you can choose a model that corresponds to your real counterparts.


In traditional games that you show up on the flat surface, where you can just press forward. But when playing this game at friv Games free, you can build and adjust to your liking to test the characteristics of various vehicles on the obstacle course with ramps, loops, balls,... and even human.

Instruction to play: