Pixel Highway

Recently, Friv 2018 just released a new action game, promising to create a new wave for the game village. Pixel Highway is a super fast-paced arcade game in which you control a blocky car speeding along a highway. You will need to avoid all of the traffic and other cars that will be in front of you as you continue to gain speed down a busy highway. Move between lanes and even switch over to the other side of the road with vehicles coming towards you. 

As you speeding, keep an eye out for gold coins that can be collected by driving into them, these coins can be exchanged for newer car models capable of reaching even higher speeds. 

As a qualified car driver, do you have the confidence to drive your car to complete all the challenges? In the game, you will need to avoid other cars from colliding while collecting more coins. This is a challenging game! Your driving ability will undoubtedly lead you to become the best one. Try to be a perfect driver! 

We also bring other discovery games similar to this game such as Intruder Combat Training and Turbo Drift. Are you ready for your journey and become the best player in the game? Play this today.

Instruction to play:

  • AD or left/right arrow to change lane
  • W or up arrow to accelerate