Oceanar.io -Friv 2018

If you have a school of fish, can you increase the quantity and protect them from other creatures? Play Oceanar.io at Friv 4 to test your breeding skills!


Have you ever had any chances to breed lovely fishes under deep oceans? Don’t worry because you can conduct this in Oceanar.io at Friv2018. Play right now to know how professionally you breed fish! To conquer all levels of the game, you need to increase the number of fish and protect them from other deadly creatures.


At the beginning of the game, the number of fish is limited. Therefore, you have to eat floating foods which shatter in the ocean. Next, attack shoals of fish that are smaller than yours to increase the number of fish. Don’t attack bigger schools of fish because they will eat yours. Try your best to dominate the ocean at Friv com Games play!


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Instruction to play:

Controls: You will control your shool of fish by using the mouse.