Exotic Princess Brain Doctor – An important brain surgery for Exotic Princess

Awful! Exotic Princess was seriously injured in the brain. She needs an emergency surgery immediately. Don’t think anymore! Jump into Exotic Princess Brain Doctor at free Games friv and help her become healthy. Hurry up! She is feeling very hurt in Exotic Princess Brain Doctor game online. Concentrate!


On a beautiful day, the Exotic Princess decided to take a sea adventure. She is alone to explore the ocean world. Unfortunately, she had a serious accident and her brain was in danger. She was transferred to a hospital and she needed immediate brain surgery to save her life. Play Exotic Princess Brain Doctor at friv best Games 2018 and follow the steps as directed to save the Exotic Princess.


In the operating room, you have many tasks to complete. First, you need to check your health, such as your blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature to determine the most appropriate treatment. Then, you need to cut the hair, inject drugs and clean her head before going to the surgery at friv Games for free.


Awful! Exotic's head was severely injured with a lot of waste like coconut shells, snails, hooks, grass, leaves, and sea. So, your task is to remove the garbage and clean the stains in her brain. To perform this task, you need to use medical devices and drugs to remove the harmful bacteria and to prevent infection to the brain.

Instruction to play:

Note that, the bacteria are very small in size, so you need to use a microscope to find and remove them. After brain treatment, you need to sew the wound and bandage for her. All quests have been completed in game friv 4. There are some similar games that you will love to play such as http://www.friv-2018.net/ Why don’t you try to explore more? How to play? Treat the Exotic Princess with your left mouse on the computer.