Slither Birds

You are a little worm needing to eat bigger eggs in the game Slither Birds at friv school. You need to avoid larger worms or birds in this Slither Birds game. Explore the Slither Birds with other worms while participating in this exciting game. Colorful eggs of different sizes are for you right here.

Just like the legendary snake game that you've played, the online game Slither Birds brings you the same but more exciting gameplay with new discoveries and challenges. friv Games online have selected this game for any player when playing online games at the website.

You will become a little worm and move to eat the eggs with different colors and sizes. If you eat large eggs, you grow faster. Do not miss out on eggs. However, you need to avoid the birds because they will eat you. In addition, other worms bigger than you will probably kill you.

When playing this Slither Birds at friv school Games, you also have the opportunity to destroy the smaller worms themselves. Therefore, eat more eggs to grow bigger and eat other small worms. That is the trick of this game. You can move easily in the game and eat as many eggs.

If you are looking for a game to relax in your free time, this game at friv free Games is for you. We always update a lot of interesting games for players. The upgraded classic game with the new version is becoming more and more exciting with online game players all over the world.

You are ready for the challenges that await you and overcome all to win. If you grow older, remember that other insects are also growing. Watch before you want to destroy those worms. This will be a good lesson for you.

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Instruction to play:

Move the mouse to move your worm and avoid other worms.