Basket Random

Familiar ways of playing basketball no longer repeat when you join Basket Random at Try to move and reserve the right to keep the ball in this game. After that, the player automatically throws the ball into the basket and scores points. Jump continuously to a location with the ball or block your opponent. Each team has 2 players. Basketball is here with its funniest and most random way.

Players use only one key to fight in this perfect game world. Change position if you want to overcome the challenges in this game. This is a 1-player game with a CPU or 2 players if you invite your friends to join. The team that wins the first 5 points will win this game. Are you ready for a new journey right now? This new basketball game is sure to appeal to any player.

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Instruction to play:

Use the up arrow key to move or catch the ball and throw it into the opponent's basket