Elsa And Jack Library Love – A lovely love story!

Do you know how Elsa and Jack met and fell in love? Well, Elsa And Jack Library Love is really a love story. Enjoy your time with Elsa And Jack Library Love at friv Games!    


Have you heard Elsa and Jack? Yup! They are a famous couple of Disney. Here at frivgame 2018, Elsa And Jack Library Love tells the story of their love that how they met and fell in love with each other. Elsa is a good student and she usually goes to the library to borrow books.


Today, she goes to the library too. She wants to take a book but she can’t reach it because it’s too high for her. At that time, Jack comes to her and helps her get the book. Then, he tells her that he has loved her for a long time and wants to have dinner with her tonight. Elsa says yes.


And their love starts from that moment. Now, your task is to help our characters get perfect outfits to create a good impression with each other on their first date. With the simple gameplay, this fun game is suitable for all ages and also is a good choice to relax. Wish you have a good time at game friv online! You can also play more similar games such as Winter Shopping and Laudry Day Check out at friv to play.



Instruction to play:

Controls: Tap on screen on the mobile phone and mouse click on PC.