Bffs Weekend Activities

Weekend is coming! Many exciting activities are waiting for you in Bffs Weekend Activities at game friv online. Would you like to be with 4 beautiful princesses to participate in interesting activities of Bffs Weekend Activities game online? Hope that you will have a great time in life! 

Bffs Weekend Activities at online friv Games welcomes you to beautiful and lovely princesses. Today is the weekend and our 4 beautiful princesses have lots of plans to experience and have fun. Do you have any plans for the weekend? If no, you can join this interesting game and play with 4 lovely princesses to have many wonderful experiences now! 

Every princess has a different favorite activity in the game at friv Games for girls. So, you will have the opportunity to experience 4 exciting activities during these great weekends. At first, Anna wanted to prepare a glamorous look to meet her boyfriend. However, she wants to listen to your contribution on each outfit to find the most beautiful dress. Are you ready to help her choose and combine different outfits? To help her choose, you just click on the icons on the screen and combine them until you find the most eye-catching outfit.

Next, our second girl loves to sit in a beautiful space and read good books. Please help her make great books and decorate a great space on the table with a cup of coffee, phone, laptop and bonsai. Make sure everything is perfect and elegant. 

Next, our third princess will be participating in the laundry to prepare for the next day. She always wanted her to have clean and fragrant outfits for days in a week. To participate in this activity, just follow the instructions on the screen and help her complete the task. Finally, you will prepare for the fourth princess a special look to the street. Ready to play??? Explore more with Cinderella's Academy Awards Collection or Year Round Fashionista: Anna at

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play the game.