Dino Hunter: Killing Strand

You may have played several hunting games in which you hunt some animals like deers, bears, tigers, and so on. Now, let’s try something more intense, hunt a prehistoric animal, why not? In Dino Hunter: Killing Strand at friv Games 2020, your target is different kinds of dinosaurs. You can use a knife, a gun, or throw grenades to kill them. However, they won’t stay still and wait for you to kill them.

They will attack you whenever they have a chance. So make sure you always stay focused and take action carefully to stay alive. You will hunt in 3 different environments including Paradise island, Desert of bones, Hell rocks. Each offers 10 levels. You can freely choose among 3 environments but you have to play from level 1 and finish the mission at that level to unlock the new ones.

On https://friv-2018.net/, you don’t have to complete each mission in a certain amount of time but it’s really hard to locate your prey because you will explore an open world. You have to go around and look seek. Sometimes, this makes you waste so much time. If you have time, don’t miss this one. It brings you the most realistic hunting experience ever.

Use a knife to kill a dinosaur, this is impossible in real life, even in the movie but in this game, everything is possible. Enjoy this journey and discover new gaming worlds in Soldiers Fury and Fun Monster Trucks Jigsaw.

Instruction to play:

Mouse to fire, WASD to move, left Shift to sprint, left Ctrl to crouch, X to prone, Space to jump, F to use item, R to reload, G to throw grenades, C to change the camera view, V to perform a melee attack.