Smileys - The world of smiles

Welcome to the world of smiles everywhere in Smileys at friv for kids school! Turn all sad faces into happy faces with Smileys right now. What are you waiting for? Enjoy.


Smileys game is an interesting and simple puzzle game for both children and adults at friv Games for school. The gameplay of this game is quite simple, however it also requires you to have certain skills in life.


So, before starting this game at friv school, you also need to practice some skills such as the ability to observe, the ability to interact quickly and the logical thinking. On the screen at friv com school, happy faces and sad faces will be displayed randomly for a fixed period of time.


Your biggest task is to click on the sad faces and help them become happy faces in the shortest possible time. However, you only have 29 seconds to perform this task. If you want to play more, you have to collect time symbols to increase time and keep playing with friv Games 2018.


In addition, you have another important mission in this puzzle game. All you need is to collect all the precious diamonds in the match. Would you like to experience more with other puzzle games at online Games friv? Discover them right now

Instruction to play:

Controls: Play this game with your left mouse.