Candy Pets - classic game at friv

Let's test your arrangement skill with Candy Pets at Friv 2018. This excellent game surely gives you the best experience at friv 4. Thus, try it now!


I need to start off by pointing out that who suits these types of games. Well, I believe that everyone can fit this awesome game. No matter you are an adult or a child, this game still fulfills you. So, how can it do that?


The first thing I should mention is the game's design. From the quality of images to design ideas, both of them deserve the highest score. The characters' design also makes a strong impression on players at game online friv. They are so cute and lovely. I bet that the players will be smitten with them.


Another point which I can add is the game's sound. It helps to create a wonderful space filling with attractive melodies. Thanks to that, this game can make a better impression on all players. With the positive elements list, It's easy to understand why this game can steal most of the gamer's hearts and therefore lays on top of the best games list at friv game 2018.


The objective of the game is to switch the characters' position so as to create a horizontal and vertical line or a group so that it has more than 3 of them.


Tips, tricks, and hacks in Candy Pets


Focus on time and the request for a specific level. The time tends to be unchanged from level to level, however, the achievement will be switched frequently so as to increase the appeal of the game.


In the case, you fail on getting win in a level, you can try to conquer it again by selecting it on the levels list.

Instruction to play:

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How to play

Use your mouse to interact with characters.