Hot Wheels

Rush hour is a busy time of the day in which large numbers of people are in transit. During this time, traffic accidents are likely to occur. So, how well is your driving skill? Let’s have a test in Hot Wheels - a fun car-avoiding game that you can play for free at friv Games 2018. Enjoy every moment with Hot Wheels!

You feel bored when racing with other racers or you do not want to drive around in driving simulation games anymore, right? But, you still love a game related to speed and car. So, what about a fun car-avoiding game? I bet that you would love it and have a great time when playing.

In Hot Wheels online at Games of friv, you simply drive your car and avoid other vehicles. It sounds simple, doesn't it? But, it isn't easy at all. In this game, you don’t take part in a racing or join in an off-road adventure or deal with dangerous tracks. You just simply drive in the streets as what you usually do every day when participating in traffic.

Your mission is to drive and change the lanes safely to avoid crashing into other vehicles. It seems to be easy, but not. You should remember that it’s rush hour. So you will find it hard to avoid causing any problems. Unlike the real life, when you crash into a car, it causes an accident.

But at friv for kids school, your car will explode. So, once you hit other cars, the game is over immediately. How far you can go in this game depends on your driving skills and your reaction.

Let’s see whether you can finish the game with a high score or not. Good luck! There are many games regularly added to Come and check out these amazing options: Traffic Racer and Evo-F. Good luck! 

Instruction to play:

Use up and arrow key to control your car.