Death Chamber - Revived from death

Overcome a series of deadly traps to escape the Death Chamber. Are you ready to deal with these difficulties in Death Chamber? Jump in Games for kids friv!


You have to die to get out alive. It sounds so weird, doesn’t it? But it’s true in Death Chamber - one of the best games which is brought to you by friv Games school. The unique point of this game is that you will revive after death. Your mission is to escape from the chamber of death. But everything isn’t easy.


Your journey is extremely challenging. You have to overcome tons of deadly traps including spikes, saws or moving platforms in order to get the black key which is used to unlock the next levels. It offers you 10 levels and you have 10 lives in each one. You may think that the amount of lives is too many, but no.


When you actually start playing this game, you will wish to have more lives. One more interesting point in this play free friv Games is that whenever you die, you will reborn at the beginning of the stage and leave the dead body behind. You can take advantage of these dead bodies to overcome the traps.


But, don’t waste them, you should use your lives wisely. Discover more attractive things at there by yourself. After finishing all levels, don’t forget to explore more interesting games at friv com school. Some of them are FLEEING THE COMPLEX Much fun!



Instruction to play:

Controls: Use arrow keys to move and up arrow key to jump.