Twist Hit 2

The second installment of Twist Hit 2 with new twists and better graphics is here in Friv free game! Have you tried the first game of Twist Hit? Whether you have or not, the new version that has brand new updates will still guarantee simple yet fun and addictive gameplay. The players will have to finish the task of repairing the roots in order to restore the tree to its original condition!

In order to complete this task, you need to shoot the ball to cover all the surface of the tree, which means it's a test of proper timing, perfect pace and good endurance as you need to complete all the poles. The trees here are still white from inside out. In order to help them grow to the full size, you need to cover the whole thing in the paint. As a core pole, the main pole where the tree is located will spin around continuously at a random pace.

It's your job to figure out the pattern and the pace of the pole to choose the perfect moment to release the shots. One specific requirement that you need to follow is not to shoot at the same spot that you painted on. It'll be a waste of paintball and decrease your chance to fully cover the pole. You might find that this game resembles some other choices from the same category such as Toy Claw and Pick A Lock at Some differences that only Twist Hit 2 has will bring the best moments to your playtime. Are you ready to figure them out?


Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to shoot.