Mystery Pic

It's ur objective to ID the picture u are looking at. Because of the aforementioned head injury, everything looks all blurry. Can u guess wot it is ur looking at? Tis a puzzling word game. 150 levels of mind bloggling images awate. If u get stuck, u can use ur in-game coins to buy hints.

Mystery Pic is, unarguably, one of the most difficult games in the history of the entire universe on A new round starts every Thursday, and the following phrase is probably the best way to sum up each game: "Many will enter, few will win." In the earliest days of Mystery Pic, this was always a very zoomed in section of a much larger image. See how this Mystery Pic is cut out of the middle right side of the picture? Later on, it was made more challenging by using very small excerpts, as small as 10x10 pixels.

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Instruction to play:

Touch or mouse to play