Speed Back – Can you reach the end zone?

Speed Back is a very challenging simulation online game which you can play for free at friv online Games. The Speed Back shows that how quickly you have to react to score a touchdown in an American football match. So, don’t hesitate anymore! Test your abilities with Speed Back right now!


Speed Back is opened with the context of an American football match: the defense team in red and you will be an offense team’s player in blue. Your task at friv game today is to avoid the defenders and get into the end zone to score a touchdown in each increasingly difficult level.


To implement this task, you must use your agility and fast reactions to evade the oncoming defense, and reach the end zone unscathed. Sharp observation skills and swift keyboard control are also very important for enhancing your power in process of movement. In addition, to play this game at online Games friv, a good strategy is necessary.


You must decide which direction to move and when to use your specialized skills on your way such as Stiff Arm or Spin Move. However, both of these actions can only be used once per possession, use them wisely. You can also collect speed pickup balls to increase your running speed.


Here at Friv 4, you’ll begin the match with three possessions that you can see by the football icons in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Each possession equals to three touchdowns. But each time you get tackled, you lose a possession and once all of your possessions are used, the game is over.


Therefore, try your best to come over 15 challenging levels without being tackled. Good luck! Hope you like this game and come back friv free Games online 2018 to play more fun games such as Real Car Simulator and 4096 Have fun!

Instruction to play:

How to play? Use arrow keys to maneuver the player; A key to activate Stiff Arm and S key to activate Spin Move.