Angry Gran

Angry Gran is a story about a crazy woman who always causes all kinds of problems, this promises to be an interesting and interesting title on friv 2019 online free game. Control the old lady to swing her huge hammer and hit everything that crosses your way, from trash cans to pedestrians to collect coins and reach the target before you pass a checkpoint to keep going. 

If you miss a swing you will hurt your back for little while, being unable to use your hammer, or even end up on a wheelchair if you miss a super swing. Hit the policemen and you will have to wear a straitjacket for a few seconds, so that’s probably not a good idea. 

These are simple games that anyone of any age can discover and overcome. You will love the game space of this game today. We create conditions for players to complete challenges and expand their favorite game world with some other interesting games like Cow Milking Simulator and Granny Horror at You will choose the games to play that on your list today? 


Instruction to play: