Triple Jump

Triple jump is a simple but excellent jump game which you can play on Friv for free. This game brings you to a 3D world of challenges with the cheerful moments. The rule is quite simple but not easy. You turn into as a black ball and attempt to go as further as you can on the endless road. 

Control yourself in the blue line and avoid the harmful triple objects. The triple objects sometimes appear in a group with different sizes, so you must perform the double-jump in order not to get hurt or even the triple-jump with the higher barriers. However, the trap stands alone sometimes, so you just need to jump up one time when seeing them. In addition, the impediments can stand in shape of the circle. Jump wisely to go through them in

The game challenge your ingenious skills with Friv 2018. Thus, pay the highest attention to act in time to avoid crashing, otherwise, you will touch the trap and lose your life immediately. However, don’t worry, you can play it again many times. The speed of the black ball is becoming higher and higher and the number of obstacles increases as you go further. Thus, you need to react quickly to save your breath. Besides, there are many gems on your way that bring you the bonus points, so don’t forget to collect them as many as you can. The longer the distance is, the more scores you gain on Friv games. One more attractive feature is that you can unlock many new different balls. 

Try your best to finish the game with the highest scores. I bet that the game will help you improve your reflexion skills and attract you. Your voting and feedback are always welcomed. Share it with your buddies to relax in the free time. Why don’t you try out more games like Tiger Ball Online and Switch Dash at!

Instruction to play:

Play: click your mouse to jump.