Finger Driver Online

Would you like to participate in a high speed racing game? Are you ready to challenge all your racing skills? Jump into your car and conquer Finger Driver Online game at friv school Games now! Drive the car carefully and go as far as you can in Finger Driver Online online game now! 

Who is the speed enthusiast? Who wants to challenge speed and racing skills? Join Finger Driver Online at game friv 4 and show off your racing skills now. Warning! This is a fast paced and dangerous game, so it is not easy for you to conquer. However, with your professional racing skills and passion, I believe that you can conquer this game with the highest score possible.

Unlike other racing games, this game will create a difficult track with the connection of straight lines. The race will be more difficult when you have to control the car to move in the roundabout and folding areas. In these situations, if you don’t handle it promptly, your car will be destroyed immediately on the race track. 

Note that, you are only allowed to control the car to move in the blue lines. By all means, you must avoid falling to the black areas because the game will end soon after. Please watch carefully from the sides and give the exact instructions on the track for your car. In particular, the curves and the folds will appear continuously and unexpectedly in the front. So, you must always be prepared to face challenges in each turn. 

In addition, you have only one life during the race. If you don’t pass a challenge, your score will disappear on the Leaderboard. Please concentrate and drive carefully at a high speed in the game at friv kids Games

This game is designed with simple graphics but the game is extremely attractive. This game will bring a lot of emotions to the players. Are you ready to conquer this exciting racing game? Go ahead and get the victory! 

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Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys or WASD to control your car on the screen.